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Why me

People say that they like to know who painted it all. Interesting...

My name is Michał Warecki. In 2016 I am 46 years old and then with each passing year I will be older. I live in Warsaw and I intend to live here for some time. I graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts, I have a degree.

Every now and then I have my individual exhibitions (some of them bigger, some of them smaller):

  • 1996 - Old Market Square Gallery - Łódź
  • 1997 - BWA in the Regional (!) Public Library - Skierniewice
  • 1997 - Praska Gallery at the Center for Telecommunications - Warsaw
  • 1998 - BWA - Skierniewice
  • 2002 - "Wino gratis!" - Euro RSCG - Warsaw
  • 2007 - "Nudy" - Dom&Home - Warsaw
  • 2008 - "Ekshibicja" - Biosfeera - Warsaw
  • 2009 - "Ekshibicja II" - Biosfeera - Warsaw
  • 2009 - Domoteka - Warsaw
  • 2010 - "X" - Biosfeera – Warsaw
  • 2012 - "Fort Wiosenny" - Fort Sokolnickiego - Warsaw
  • 2013 – Centrum Sztuki Cartonovnia
  • 2014 – Ekshibicja 0914 – Fort Sokolnickiego – Warsaw


  • La Gitarra

    acrilic on canvas


  • Bim Bom

    acrilic on canvas


  • cafe

    acrilic on canvas


  • UV60

    acrilic on canvas


In Lapidarium there are paintings that do not exist. That means they are somewhere in the world, but not available. It's called “ a painting in private collection”. It is not easy to look at them, because they lie on the heap . Still, have a nice visit.



Here you can ask about everything, or leave your email address. Then I will send you invitations to my exhibitions and auctions. (Actually, my wife will, because she does it willingly)

You can also call the manager, that is, the wife. 501 265 860

Please don’t call me. I have a telephonophobia.


Sometimes something happens and I say ‘oh dear'. Then a message appears here. And when something is so important that we say ‘oh dear, oh dear', we will try to make the message appear on top.

Come and see us at the studio:

Everybody who would like to see my paintings in reality - please come and see them in the studio. The artist lives and works in Warsaw. You will get the address of the studio after making an appointment by e-mail or phone: kontakt@warecki.com.pl

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